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What's the best Calisthenics apps?
Hey guys, seems like the Appstore is filled to the brim with these training apps all asking you to whip out your credit card and most being average at best.
Looking for something simple or just generally want to hear what everyone else prefer using so i can check them out  Smile
I personally have found MADBARZ and Chris's Heria Pro app pretty good if you're looking for something simple, but its a little sneaky on how to create your own program.

In MAD you have to go into Favorites > Plus Icon > Make program
On Chris's app the "Build your own" workout is locked under a pay wall but iv found that if you go into the workout generator you can just remove all the stuff they generate and add your own.

I find MAD better than Heria Pro just cause the timer and buttons are bigger making it easier to keep track of what you have to do next. Also heard a lot of good stuff from STRONG and Nike Training Club but it wasn't really what i was looking for.

Personally think these apps either over complicate things or their focus is just on something that i'm not looking for (and don't get me started on all the pay walls they have you go through, i even have a friend who ditched all of that and just keeps track of his progress on a notepad.

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