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Equipment for Calisthenics
Calisthenics Equipment

This is what you need for body-weight training.
Calisthenics is a form of self-weight training. This means that no other type of weight is used during training besides your own body. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to have a pair of devices & equipment available to be able to set certain stimuli. Here you will find my recommendations for the best Calisthenics equipment and useful equipment.

Pull-up Bar

The pull-up bar is one of Calisthenics' most basic devices. It can be used for a wide variety of pull-ups. Pull-ups are among the most effective exercises in body-weight training.

The pull-up bar is very similar to the horizontal bar. The bar known from gymnastics differs from the pull-up bar in that it supports gymnastics exercises by swinging along, which the pull-up bar does not do. There are single pull-up bars and double or multiple bars, which are built up over several columns.

If you want to do a few pull-ups at home in between and get a feel for the challenges, there are various and, above all, inexpensive alternatives. At amazon, for example, pull-up bars for your own four walls start at just 10€.


Another form of pull-up bars are snake bars. They are also often found in fitness parks. Their course is wavy, which makes several types of grip possible. With the classic pull-up bar, the grip widths are freely selectable. With the Snake Bar, the grip width cannot be selected by yourself, which is why it is often only found in addition to the classic pull-up bars in outdoor parks.

Parallel Bars

The parallel bar should be known to most of you from gymnastics. The most important exercise on the parallel bar is the basic exercise, the dips. There are free-standing parallel bars with two or more parallel bars or parallel bars connected to corner points of a basic frame. Various support and swing exercises as well as partner exercises are possible on the bars.

Wall Bars

Wall bars can be found in almost every gymnasium. They also belong to any well-equipped workout park. The rungs can be used especially well for the Human Flag, an advanced exercise. The torso muscles also benefit from training on the wall bars.

Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is a ladder construction. With a Monkey Bar it is possible to hang on to the rungs. You shimmy from rung to rung. Pull-ups or muscle ups can be carried out on the outer rungs. Monkey bars are often found as obstacles in various obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder or the Xletix Challenge. Hanging requires great stability and strength in the upper body. A good hold and sufficient shoulder and torso stabilization are important to overcome this obstacle.

It is therefore important to work on the grab handle. Negative pull-ups can help to promote this. Hanging Knee Raises and Alternate Hanging Knee Raises train the torso and shoulder stability. This helps to prevent the legs from swinging when "hanging through". Another exercise for training shoulder stabilization is the Kettlebell Over Head Press. Take a few steps while holding the kettlebell up. Lower the kettlebell again and repeat the procedure.
You can find more kettlebell exercises here.


Gloves can help to find grip on the slippery poles. At the same time they protect and stabilize the wrists. Even annoying corneas at certain points of the hands can be prevented. Quite simple, but completely calculating gloves are already available from 5,99€ at amazon. Alternatively magnesium is also quite good.


Gymnastics Rings:

Instead of pull-up bars, gymnastic rings are also suitable as helpful equipment. They contribute enormously to a better body control. Because the gymnastics rings can move flexibly, a high degree of body tension is necessary to control them and perform controlled exercises on them. A Muscle Up is already a challenge at the pull-up bar. Especially at the rings.

Additional Weights

A weight vest or by transferring additional weights is also suitable for additional weight. These should be used by Calisthenics only in exceptional cases, however, when the exercises without weight are safely mastered.

If this equipment is available to you in an outdoor training park, a gym or perhaps even a children's playground, you can start directly with your Calisthenics workouts. Have fun training!

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